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Genesis - Artist Statement


In the genesis body-of-work I make connections. The connections are often misguided, insignificant and rarely art historically correct, but I embrace them as absolute. Generally, the associations are loosely tied together through some visual dialog between the two or more parts. What results are objects, images and worlds that exist between the parts that conceived the initial connection. They are the embodiment of the connection or the artifacts that confirm its existence. Through their creation the connection becomes concrete. This is not to say that what results is fact because it is not. Fact is what actually exists and what can be proven. It is the work of historians and scientists. My works are the possibilities, the “what ifs”, the maybes, they are fictions and inventions.


The themes in the work are generally boyish and playful. They present a naive and skewed understanding of violence, religion, and mythology, enlightened by movies, television and video games. The works enjoyably play at violence within empty narrative shells exhibiting action with little purpose and without consequence. They also mix and match religion, mythology and pop culture, blurring boundaries, rearranging hierarchies, and calling into question notions of iconography, collectables, and devotion.

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